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I have designed and purchased business cards. They're very simple but designed well. Perfect when looking for a design or art job. Now the job hunt begins. I have a very long list of design firms and architecture firms and home builders to send my resume too. As well as some vets, who get a different resume because at one point I was going to be a veterinarian so I've taken all the relevant classes to assist a vet. I've even stuck my hand into a cow's stomach. Smelly. I'm currently still working at the magazine because although graduates are supposed to be terminated from their jobs on May 9th, my boss argued to keep me through the summer so I have three months for my job search.

My husband takes the DAT on June 16. Applies to dental school on June 1. We've picked 15. And yes to all my Ablog friends, Richmond is one of those 15. The Virginias, North Carolina, Boston, New York, Arizona, Dallas, Minnesota, California, Pennsylvania...we're applying everywhere. I'm personally rooting for Dallas because that's where we'd like to settle eventually. They give preference to residents of Texas and Utah! What a happy coincidence. But I'd be very happy with NYU, too, because I love New York City.

In fact, we just got back from NYC. My parents took us for my graduation present. The Metropolitan Museum was amazing and the Museum of Modern Art was my own personal heaven. I bought a print of Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon and we're putting it in our bathroom to shock people who tend to be shocked by art because really, if any art is going to shock someone who tends to be shocked by art it's Picasso's group of distorted prostitutes. Or, of course, Francis Bacon's Painting, 1946" but even I feel that is a bit much for my bathroom. It has tons of meaning and it's a very deep painting but it's also somewhat disturbing. Plus, they didn't sell that print. I also bought a Jackson Pollock print, of course, because I love him. And Andy Warhol's Campbell's soup can for the kitchen. Because it just makes sense. Sadly, they didn't sell any Franz Marc prints. I will have to buy those on the internet.

We also saw Wicked while we were there. It was fantastic. But we had the understudy Elphaba and she wasn't as good as the Elphaba we'd seen in Denver with the touring company. She just kind of spoke the high notes, almost like she couldn't reach them so she didn't try. But then she'd hit a fantastic high note and you'd think, "Well, why didn't you do that when it was REALLY important during Defying Gravity?" But still, fantastic. It's coming to Utah next summer. I check daily to see if tickets are on sale yet.

Well, that's pretty much caught everyone up so I'm off to bed. I have Friday's off with my husband because I go to work insanely early to get Friday's off so while it's not strictly necessary that I go to bed, I'm getting tired seeing as it is 2 a.m. and I've been up since 5:45 a.m.

Oh, and I didn't fail statistics. It's the most failed class at BYU. Leaving it until my last semester wasn't my best idea ever but it worked out. Studying for the final had me in hysterics because I just turned dumb for one day there and couldn't figure anything out, but the actual test went incredibly well.


12 More Days

Twelve more days of class and I will be officially done with college (minus the walking and the cap and gown).

I should really start sending out my resume and putting together my design portfolio. I have my eyes on a few architects here that I think would be fantastic to work for, including a couple of national companies that might have an office in the city we end up in for dental school, which could mean I could just transfer when we moved and I wouldn't have to worry about searching for a job again. I have until August when I have to give up my job (sad) because I will no longer have a "student" status.

Also looking for illustration jobs. I work for a magazine right now, so maybe something will open up this summer and I'll just move on upstairs. Doubtful because I believe we tend to hire out for illustration, but you never know. Maybe that's just because they haven't had any illustrators apply.

I'm also taking that preveterinary preceptorship class in the Spring. It runs a rescu shelter so I'll learn all I need to know to be a vet tech which would also be a perfect job for me because animals are involved. Either way, I've taken all the interior design classes here at BYU and I've taken the animal nutrition classes and whatnot here as well. And I've just always been good at drawing and painting. So I have options. No need to freak out.


Get me out of here

I've been trying to find a job in either art or design because I graduate in April and it'd be nice to know my options. Utah has zero opportunities. There is a staggering lack of art museums around here. The only design job I found is for Bassett Furniture. I don't want to be a salesman. I don't do well with sales. I want to work for an actual interior design firm where I actually design, not sell existing furniture and just help people arrange it. Graphic design jobs are everywhere, interior design is nowhere. We need to move to Dallas. Or New York City or somewhere equally job-equipped. Or I need to open my own business, but there's no point here because we're moving to some unknown state in a year and a half. My mom is gathering up a list of all the architecture firms she used to work with while she was working here. Hopefully there will be a design job somewhere in there.

It's Jeremy's birthday tomorrow. He'll be 25. He's getting golf clubs (fairway woods, not a whole set of clubs because that's crazy expensive and he already has a set), a bowling ball, and an iPod nano. I got a bowling ball too because there's no point in getting one for one of us and having the other use a ball that doesn't fit their hands. Hopefully I'll like bowling more with my own ball and my own shoes (I can't wear bowling shoes from the alley--gross). We joined the Tucano's birthday club for both of us, so we each get a free meal for our birthdays. That was fun. But Jeremy is saving The Spaghetti Factory for his birthday night dinner because their free birthday dessert is out-of-this-world better than the ones they charge for. It's amazing.

Apple is coming out with a new shuffle in 2gb. I have a green, pink and silver one already (one for the gym, one for rock and one for pop music). I caught a glimpse of new colors, but now I can't find it anywhere on the internet. There was a fantastic plum colored one that I feel a need to purchase. I'm hoping they actually do come in that color. If so, that'll be my "favorite songs" shuffle.

Anthropologie Item of the Day


My Sephora Addiction, Shopping Snobbery and Greece

As we walk into Sephora:
Salesperson: "Can I help you find anything?"
Jeremy (to me): "This is a makeup store. Like any girl would walk in here and say, 'Oh no! I'm lost!'"

That quote came to mind because I'm almost out of makeup so that means I need to make both a trip to Sephora.com (we don't have one in Utah, it's a shame, it really is a fantastic place) and Macy's because I happened to run out of pretty much everything at once. All I have left is my Chanel mascara and my makeup brushes. Sometimes I wish that I was one of those "drugstore girls," but then I look at the complexions of most "drugstore girls" and realize why I'm a makeup snob. I have highly sensitive skin--even wind freaks my entire body out--so I have to use Clarins, Lancome and Givenchy. Givenchy is my favorite, but when I can get by with a bottle of Clarins foundation for $30 less than a bottle of Givenchy foundation and everything turns out alright in the end, I'll do it. I won't give up my Givenchy powder, though. Thank goodness I have a husband who is just fine with my anti-cheap attitude.

I am also a clothes snob. Anthropologie is one of the only places I really shop. Because of this I actually buy stuff much less frequently than I would if I had another favorite store. But it's really a money pit. My mom jokingly calls it "Philanthropy" because all of our money goes there. We share this store as a favorite store which makes for fantastic over-the-phone shopping dates--her in Minneapolis and me in Salt Lake. We went there for her birthday. She got a cookbook and some salt and pepper shakers, I contemplated a shirt but realized that I needed nice, non-plastic cereal bowls more and ended up getting those. I'm happy with that purchase because the bowls really do make me happy, especially filled with frozen strawberries for a snack. Yum.

These are reasons why I'm glad I got lucky enough to marry a man who wants to be an orthodontist.

My brother-in-law Colby just got his LDS mission call to Athens, Greece. I'm very excited for him, especially since that is the one place in the world that I want to go most (my major emphasis here at BYU is Greek art and history--which it is very difficult to do anything with after graduation, which is why I've decided to be a vet tech--more on that later). So yay for Colby. I told him that Jeremy and I would be happy to come pick him up when he's done. I was planning on taking Jeremy somewhere for his graduation present (my parents are taking us to NYC for mine in April/May) and we were thinking Paris because hey, I can speak the language and it'd be a really great time, but maybe we'll switch it to Athens. I'd rather go there even though I can't speak the language.


I was looking at shoes today at Anthropologie and ran across these:

All currently out of my price range, but I'm lusting.


I really am not that fantastic at blogging...

I don't do it often enough. I should fix that.

I went back to my old hangout, the Achenblog, today. Fantastic place. Realized I just missed J.A. being here, on my campus. I should really visit D.C. sometime and go to a BPH with everyone. I was actually offered D.C. for my graduation trip from my parents but I chose NYC because I've been to D.C. I've also been to NYC but with a choir group and boy was that a fiasco. Our tour guide was useless. He took us to FAO Schwartz. Now, it is a fantastic toy store. But we were all seniors in high school and I guarantee that each of the girls there was looking wistfully down Fifth Avenue wondering why we ran past all those magnificent shopping experiences to come to a toy store. So I chose NYC so that we could do it right. My parents took me to D.C. and we did that right, now it's New York's turn. I'm currently wrestling with the idea of putting out $450 for Wicked tickets on Broadway. They have some left. Orchestra seating. It's very tempting, but I've seen Wicked already and it's cheaper in Chicago and we can easily hop on the train to Chicago from my parent's house this summer during our visit.

I've taken every Tuesday off this year. It's as if I get through Monday and think, "Okay, time for a break." I only have one class and I don't have to work on Tuesdays. I think this trend will continue.

I got an A on my thesis. I didn't even look at my other grades. (Later I did, but the first time I checked them I just saw that and thought, "Whew, I can graduate.") It was a relief. And then I forgot to go and pick it up for future proof that yes, my future children's mother got an A on her thesis. They'll just have to take my word for it.



My thesis is done. I have turned it in. I have presented it. My finals are done. The semester is over. Whew.

Relaxation for two and a half weeks. Yes, short break, but at least we get out for summer early.

Christmas was fantastic. I got a diamond ring (it was on sale, I played the "I want that" wife card) and clothes and Anthropologie goodies. I got Jeremy a bunch of clothes that he's wanted and a camelback for when he goes golfing. Don't want a dehydrated husband.

Now for sleep. In the hustle and bustle I've managed to become slightly sick. Bad cough and general ickiness. Time for sleeping.